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I Got Used To Explosion Every Sell FFXI GIL Weekend

When I just arrived in Israel, I am glad that I am not frightened by live TV news: here are no gunfight tank Sell FFXI GIL landmines, only bikini beauties spend their holiday on gold beach. Well, the News always is exaggerated.

Although I the dormitory what I lived had poor condition, but was full of students in dozens of countries. In this country which called the security is in the best interests, the handsome sheriff put us together and depended on the state of students ‘habits’ to made a vaccination: "Spanish students do not barbecue on the roof, the Dutch students do grow marijuana in the garden, Indian students do not yell, American students do not put a condom on the toilet ...... "The audience burst of laughs. But the sheriff was very serious, "Finally, and the most important thing is that you should not allow someone to unattended baggage, but also allowed others to put their left unattended. When you saw plastic bags and cardboard boxes at roadside, you should call the police immediately. "

This sentence was scared to us. In Israel, people are accustomed to thinking of a preventive measure. For example, if you left luggage, it's probably a bomb had been installed by a terrorist.

At the first weekend, I heard I loud bang downstairs in the dormitory suddenly. It must be something fried! I jump out of bed, watched action movies in the mind Flashback: get down or rapid withdrawal?

At this time, my roommate lazily rolled in a blanket. She was born in Jewish family and grew up in Los Angeles movie studio. "Continue to sleep, all right, it is a trash." American Jewish beauty said.

I did not hold, but rushed downstairs to see. It was a trash can which has been torn apart. After the deal with is, police drank morning tea while talking about the stock. A policeman uncle looked at me in shock, kindly said: "We also know that just a trash can, but according to regulations it must be blasting, who knows it will not have any chance?"

Soon, I got used to explosion every weekend.

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