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How to Understand the Meaning of Sell C9 Gold Happiness


In our lives, there a lot of people pursue happiness and enjoyment, “Are you happy”--this type of Sell C9 Gold question was never someone or something can create or trigger out. However, psychological experts pointed out that this question would undermine our happiness. From positive psychological point of view, people should not just focus on this problem and its answer, even produce negative emotions. Actually, we should let such questions as we found happiness channels.

We should ask questions to provoke thinking, thereby increasing the possibility of happiness. For example, when will you be happy? What kind of people you will be to make you happy? What the psychological characteristics should the happy people have? How can you feel happiness, accumulate happiness and manufacture happiness?

The famous American psychologist Seligman put forward a happy formula --- total happiness index = innate genetic predisposition + acquired environment + you can take the initiative to control the psychological strength. English expression: H = S + C + V

Total happiness index is the more stable happiness, rather than temporary joy and happiness. Watching a comedy movie or eating a good meal is a temporary pleasure. Happiness could let you feel sustained and stable feeling, including your overall satisfaction with your real life and your own evaluation of the quality of life. How the congenital affect happiness?

A pair of twins’ studies has shown that a person's mood may be affected by the genetic influence of parents. For example, a person was depress or unhappy since he was born. In fact, there are no bad things to bother them, but they are unhappy. They are very sensitive to susceptible and negative things in life, and they are easy to be infected by the bad things.

The good news makes them more pleasant and happy, but the bad news is very unhappy. If you want to happier, you may wish to select the following environment: a life rich; has a happy marriage; enrich your social life more with friends and has faith. You can take the initiative to control the psychological forces

On the last part of the happiness formula, the most important thing is that you can master the power, that is, how to control their own mental strength.

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