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How to Sell DK Gold Prevent Cancer


The key of health is controlled by everyone, so each person must Sell DK Gold be responsible for their own health. The expert summarized as some words of cancer prevention methods: early prevention, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, standardized diagnosis and treatment, science and rehabilitation.

Chronic diseases, especially for cancer, have the close relationship with lifestyle, diet, exercise and other factors. In other words, if we can establish a scientific way of life, a healthy diet and regular movement, cancer and other chronic diseases could be prevented.

Human health cannot be perfect. If you suffer from chronic diseases, you should use a correct attitude to understand with scientific treatment. You are neither too tight nor too contempt, not blindly seek medical attention and blindly eat health products, but should make the necessary treatment according to their actual situation to take interventions to adjust their lifestyle, eating habits and exercise content to prevent the development of the disease in the future, and even reverse the disease and return to health.

Under the conditions what the dangerous factors is difficult to quickly improve, you should also pay close attention to another important aspect of control of cancer development, which is to detect cancer early symptoms and take early measures.

On the one hand, the residents can self-examinee to find abnormalities through the popularization of knowledge, such as monthly breast self-examination for breast cancer, on the other hand, through regular medical check-ups to detect anomalies, such as women over the age of 50 on a regular basis mammography, fecal occult blood test for colorectal cancer, rectal examination and colonoscopy.

Routine screening means is a low cost, convenience, and vigorously promote, encourage and attract high-risk objects involved in, such as periodic endoscopy, stool examination, liver function and AFP detection, and major organs B ultrasound screening services, also had a significant effect on cancer control.

The city is a major public health programs colorectal cancer screening, sources of project done basic research based on the municipal disease control departments. For example, starting in 2008, the Cancer Hospital in Minhang did early screening for colorectal cancer, making early detection rate of around 70%.



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