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How to Protect the Sell Runescape Gold Antiserum

According to the Health Survey, 53.7 percent of respondents face Sell Runescape Gold daily computer time is 4-8 hours, with 35.6% of those surveyed in the face of the computer time exceeds eight hours. Only 3.4 percent of those surveyed said their cervical good condition, 96.6% of those surveyed said their occasional or regular cervical pain.

Due to the popularity of computers, more and more people use computers every day. Especially in the IT and other emerging industries, people who sit in front of the computer in the office generally well received by cervical or neck muscle aches troubled. Why computer users suffer from such a high proportion of cervical spondylosis? Probably there are the main reasons: maintain the same position for a long time and visual fatigue. Swedish scientists in recent studies have clearly demonstrated computer vision fatigue and cervical spondylosis have a direct relationship.

Cervical spondylosis harm is self-evident, so we absolutely cannot ignore, we must not sit still, do not cause major problems because of laziness. Here we recommend a few simple methods:

Lift the monitor. The location of the computer screen to raise a few centimeters, or give a few of the computer screen pad thick book, so put down the previous action to rise from the source to prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis.

Do not maintain a sitting position for a long time. Multi-station to get some activity, turning about his head.

Working at his desk while overlooking. When you use computers for too long, you should look up hyperemia half a minute to relieve neck and eye fatigue.

Put the scarf in the office. In the air-conditioned room, temperature is too low, so you can use scarf to around neck to avoid exposure to cold and eliminate cervical disease predisposing factors. Neck warm not only can avoid neck strain, and also avoid head and neck blood vessels, so that the brain's blood circulation slows down. If men think scarves indecent, you can wear a jacket to lead the child and put a collar stand.

Participate in sports. If you have the conditions, then you can choose a certain sport for enhanced strength and enhance physical exercise such as swimming, playing badminton.

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