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How to Prevent the Air Condition Sell WOW Gold Disease

Summer is coming, so the day becomes long. The hot weather is easy to Sell WOW Gold sweat and people’s exercise also reduced, which will lead to reduce immunity. Coupled with high humidity, many people are in air-conditioned environment in the room in summer. Because of the outside is hot and room is cold, people are easy to get air conditioning cold. This kind of cold is not easier to be treated than the common cold, so people should pay more attention to preventive measures.

"In a short one month, I have a cold four times. The doctor said my cold are blown out by the air condition.” Wu says with exasperation.

In fact, in summer, because of the cold blast of air condition to lead to the cold, Mr. Wu is not only case. Especially when it rains outside, but the air condition is still opened, and the temperature has dropped. At this time, so some poor physical person suffers from a cold easily. For the people who stay in the office for a long time, once they are suffered, it is more difficult to cure than the common cold.

For the treatment of this kind of cold, you should catch up with an idea to sweat to drive away the cold surface of the body. You can drink a glass of ginger syrup, and then have hot bath to sweat. Sweating later, you can begin to clear heat treatment. Generally, the sweat time should not be a long time, but you must let yourself sweat/ once you have sweat, you body will feel comfortable a lot.

After sweating, the body's heat is required, and then cleared the table cold. You can drink some Huoxiangzhengqi water or water lotus or bean soup, which can clear the anger within the body. If you eat some cold medicine to cope with the treatment, the effect will be good.

Of course, disease treatment does not have the effect to do prevention. If you do not want to get cold, you can do the two aspects well. For example, if you want to enhance the resistance, you should ensure a good sleep, eat vitamin-rich fruit, drink plenty of water added electrolytes, reasonable diet and nutrition; also need to actively prevent the cold air direct stimulation of the respiratory tract such as reducing the temperature difference between internal and external environment, avoiding air direct blow and body and so on. It also recommends using the salt water to clean in the room.

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