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How to Deal With the Dust in the Sell WOW Gold Room


Core Tip: Many people have this experience: the doors and windows closed obviously, but after the whole day, window sills and Sell WOW Gold furniture fall down a layer of ash. You often clean the house regularly, but dust seems endless sweep. Where this annoying dust from? How can we deal with it?

About 80% dusts in our living room come from the interior include the activities of the people. Only about 20% dusts directly come from the outdoor. After a day of activity outside, people will bring part of the dust into the interior. When people clear up the bed sheets, quilt and other items, the part of the bedding fibers will fall off, and then get together with the dust. When the TV, computers and other appliances were opened, they will produce static electricity, which adsorb the dust on the desktop to promote air flow and the spread of dust. When the air conditioning heat sink is working, it will accumulate a lot of dust in the course of their work. If you clean it well, the heat sink will blown the dust into the air. The fumes from the kitchen and smoking will have some dust particles in indoor air. When the dust outside enter into the interior, the reason is due to the doors and windows did not closed well.

A good habit is the main method to prevent dust pollution. After a day of activity, the coat will attach a lot of dust inevitably. Doing the following three things can effectively shut out of the dust. Before going upstairs, you should beat the dust jacket at first; entering the door, replaced the coat and hanging on a rack, rather than thrown coat on a bed and sofa; after washing your hands, you should put on clean clothes at home.

You can put a wet towel in the front of the door. When family members brought the goods from the outside, or receive the parcels from the courier out the door. If there is possible, you try your best to open the parcels outside, or wipe off the dust on the surface of the bag outside, and then bring them to the room. 

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