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How the Infants Supply Sell FFXI GIL Calcium

Three months of the baby is very small. Generally speaking, the babies who eat the Sell FFXI GIL breast milk almost do not appear the calcium deficiency. If the baby is lack of the calcium, how should we fill it? Tonic or drugs make everyone was talking about the topic whether use the tonic or the drugs. The following content will give you several ways to solve baby calcium.

The babies are special populations. No matter the breastfeeding or mixed or artificial feeding, milk is the main diet. Mothers who do breastfeeding should take a certain amount of calcium according to individual circumstances in every day. 0 to 5-month-old baby should intake calcium about 300 mg in daily. Only if the baby drink 600 to 800 ml of breast milk or formula, it is sufficient to satisfy the body's need for calcium. 3 months baby cannot add a food supplement, so mother should choose the formula which has the high calcium content.

3 months baby is most suitable for eating calcium gluconate. In addition, calcium lactate is a good choice. Calcium gluconate and calcium lactate are better than calcium carbonate. Also, mother should pay attention to choose infant calcium products which have some good source of calcium absorption, s good taste and absorption, and does not irritate the stomach. It is best to consult a doctor and then select the calcium products.

Calcium products have calcium, calcium dose, and even liquid calcium. If the baby needs to eat, mother should add the product into the formula.

Calcium deficiency is disease. We should use the drugs to treat the disease. If we need to do the prevention, we can do the tonic, but treatment should choose the drugs. Preterm children should begin to supply the calcium after two weeks since birth, and the term children been up after one moths.

Sun is an important way for infants and young children to do calcium supplements. Because the reason to cause the calcium deficiency mainly due to inadequate intake of VD. VD content in food is rare, combined with the monotonous infant recipes, so the baby can only intake the a few VD from the foods. The sun can be contributed to a substance in the skin change into VD and this method is the most secure way to supply. 

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