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His left hand will become cleaner or sprinkling Sell FFXI GIL machine


Everyone will have a wonderful fantasy, for example: we can fly Sell FFXI GIL; we want to become the superman, etc.. I have my own wonderful fantasy, too. First of all, I want to have a robot bodyguard, he can be not only the family nanny, but also he is a bodyguard, he does not require batteries, it charges by light or sunlight. When he is a nanny, he can give us some delicious food, he can mop the floor, his right hand will become a mop or broom, his left hand will become cleaner or sprinkling machine. When he is a bodyguard, he will has extraordinary skill, he will has boxing and martial arts, and his eyes can shoot infrared, his two hands equip knife and pistol, of course, it is not for violence or criminal, but to protect me. I also want to have deformation sports car, when I do not use it, it can become a highest speed sports car in the world, it can go to the core of the earth, it is not afraid when it encounters magma, and it also can mine heritage, so that it can help people to understand the ancient civilization. I think my idea is so good, and I believe that my wonderful fantasy will be achieved in the near future with the development of the economy.

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