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He had to sell words to survive and Sell WOW Gold repay the debt

An ordinary young man was very interested in literature, but he had Sell WOW Gold never written some satisfied works before he was 30 years old. His family wanted him to do business in order to live a rich life, but he hoped he can write, his greatest wish is someone can offer him a year of living expenses, so that he can write quiet. However, he had to do business because of the cruel life, he set up several factories, but no one succeeded. And he cooperated with publishers to manage books, but failed, too. Finally, he was in debt, and he had to sell words to survive and repay the debt. He wrote three novels within one year, but the sales was not ideal, so he had to become the reporter, he wrote a lot of words every day. The creditor came to recover debts every day, he despaired and he really wanted to give up, but he worshiped strong-willed Napoleon, so he put the portrait of Napoleon on his table to encourage him. He began to writing novels, he drunk much coffee and he only slept four or five hours a day. In order to repay his debt as soon as possible, he sent his manuscript to the printing plant every morning, because he the time rushed, so there were mistakes in his novels, so he had to check it time and time again, a novel called "old maid" had been checked nine times, the compositors were very tired with him. The next 20 years, he had created more than 100 novels, and he was the well-known French writer Balzac.

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