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Dried Foods Need To Put In the Sell RS Gold Freezer

Most of the staple food such as bread, buns, dumplings, rice, noodles and Sell RS Gold others cannot be finished within 3 days, it is best to put them in the freezer. This will not only extend the shelf life, and also avoid starchy foods to aging to become dry and hard. If such food stored in the freezer for a long time, it will become dry harden or mildew. Before the starchy staple food was put in the freezer, according to the family's appetites, the food should be pre-packed in the preservation bag and seal the mouth. Waiting for eating, you just heated in the microwave, and the taste is also very good.

Shrimp, dried shrimps, dried fish and dried food should be put into the freezer compartment, which can avoid a resurgence of protein degradation, poor taste to produce carcinogenic nitrosamines and other problems. Before freezing, you should use the oven to bake or slightly roasted in a pan to ensure that the moisture content of these foods is low enough and then pack into a fresh bag to seal the mouth. In summer and autumn, dried vegetables can be put in the freezer. It not only avoids vermin, but also avoids browning. In addition, the low moisture content of food such as tea can be divided into installed in the freezer. We should note that when these foods were taken from the freezer, do not open the package immediately, but should be put at room temperature for a period of time. When the temperature is stable, it not only can avoid hygroscopic moisture, but can ensure its taste.

In the hot season, red beans and other food are very easy to have vermin, but if we can frozen them for 3-4 weeks, and then put at room temperature, you can avoid the growth of eggs, but also can avoid mildew. In addition, nuts contains much greasy, so it is easy to oxidize at room temperature to produce unpleasant rancid taste, at the same time they also absorb moisture from the air to resurgence and even mildew. If you can freeze the nuts, you can guarantee its delicious security. At this time, this freezing applies to dates, raisins and other moisture content foods.

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