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Do you want to show your strong Sell Dofus Kamas willpower?

A tree is on the cliff, why do you put your roots so Sell Dofus Kamas tight? You do not shake when you through many wind and rain days. You also are not afraid of natural disasters? If one day, a severe crustal movement comes, can you still stand your ground and grasp the rock firmly to live? Why do you choose to come to the dry and barren rock crevice? Do you want to show your strong willpower? Or do you want to be a big frog in a small pond to enjoy the beautiful scenery? Have you thought that you will be very painful when you are in the dry and barren rock crevice? Do you think your perseverance is strong enough? A tiny seed, but you give yourself a big challenge, is only for your simple survive? But why do you come here? Do you know the barren; thirst is enough to be fatal? But you still come here, and you stop here to overcome rocks, fight the natural, you let your hands in its body and grasp it tightly, absorb nutrition in order to make yourself strong… Finally, you break the rocks and stand strong on the top of the rock, you want to tell the world that no one can wear away your fighting will. You are the tree on the cliff, but you are strong.

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