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Dieting Will Increase the Risks to Suffer From the Sell FFXI GIL Osteoporosis

With the coming summer, more and more women are ready to lose weight. The most popular way to lose Sell FFXI GIL weight is to dieting: eating less food, especially for high-calorie and high-fat foods. So many women are strictly control the intake of dairy products, and experts have warned that if female did like this, they have the more opportunities to suffer from the osteoporosis in the future.

30% women said they would choose to go on a diet to lose weight; 11% women reported they never intake dairy products; 41% women said they do not eat bread (also rich in calcium); more than a quarter of respondents said that they only concerned about the fat content and calorie value on food labels and never see the content of other nutritional value; 12% people said they would choose food based solely on the caloric value and never consider the nutritional value. The investigation found that the weight loss concept affects three million Britons, and each year 230,000 patients with fractures are attributed to this concept. The most injuries are the wrist, spine and hip.

The adult should intake of 700 mg of calcium every day. Calcium is not only important to bones and teeth, but also the health of the heart, muscles, and can help the blood clot. In addition, there evidence shows that calcium also have a certain role to lower blood pressure, prevent breast cancer and colon cancer. Experts warned female friends: before 35 years old, if people do not make good calcareous skeletal savings, after suffering from osteoporosis risk, they will increase the risks to suffer from the osteoporosis greatly.

Recently, the study emphasizes the relationship between body shape and bone health, but also increased our worries. The survey found that only 21% of people know underweight will increase the risk of suffering from osteoporosis. So we need to step up publicity efforts to let young people know to maintain normal body weight health benefits, so that we more concerned about the nutritional value of food.

For women, obesity is a long-term distress, but we must not rely on this weight loss diet. If we give up the health diet, this will only lead to serious long-term health problems in the future.

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