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Destroy the entire world

When Sargeras' madness consumed him the last vestiges of a noble soul, he was led to believe that Titan is the culprit in the failure of creation. Eventually, he determined to set up an unstoppable army, to the burning fire to destroy the entire world, in order to correct the Titans committed "error."

Even Sargeras's body because of the huge power surge occurred distorted fall, this force is the erosion of his once noble mind. His eyes, hair and beard erupted into flames, his bronze skin split, looks like a hate filled endless blazing furnace.

These cunning creatures in the dark Titan's vast rage before bowing vowed to evil in any way he played. From the powerful Eredar devil, Sargeras picked two champions to command his forces of evil destruction. The second advocates, blasphemy Archimonde was selected to lead Sargeras' army responsible for any who dare to resist the dark with the wishes of the people fighting the Titans.