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DFO gold players are made from smithing.

Regular arrows (bronze arrows) don't have any special benefits.But if you use arrows made from a certain type of arrow heads, then those arrows will inflict more damage. You may have to wield a certain bow in order to shoot these arrows (i.e. steel arrows will require you to wield an oak bow or bows of higher quality).Alternative ranging weapons: Crossbow - Crossbows require bolts to operate. Regular bolts can be bought from Archery Shops. Pearl and Opal bolts are made from chiseling pearls and attaching them to normal bolts.Darts - Throwing Knives: Throwing knives are almost the same as darts. DFO gold players are made from smithing. Throwing knives are a bit stronger than darts but you can only get 2 throwing knives per bar.


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