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Colorful Nags Have the Health Sell WOW Gold Risks


At present, the bags which were sold in the market are colorful and Sell WOW Gold attractive fashion, so that female friends were attracted by them. Generally speaking, too bright packages may contain excessive lead, which hazardous to health, we must be cautious at the time of purchase.

Bags can be said are the fashion items for the women. If you walked on the streets without bag, it will have a certain impact to image. Bright package has become the favorite good for many women. Female should pay attention that these packages may contain health risks.

Center for Environmental Health in Oakland, California, USA tested 300 backpacks and wallet’s lead content; they found more than lead content of 43 varieties are over the standard to 300ppm. There are many high-end brands, such as Guess, Nine West, Forever 21, Ralph Lauren, and Rainbow and so on. Lead content of Tory Burch is high to 58700ppm, which is 195 times for law.

Charles Margulis of the Center for Environmental Health pointed out that there are excessive leads in artificial leather, vinyl, and a variety of different plastic products. The world's leading medical and public health organizations agreed that the lead will not only damage to the neurological development of children, but also will deposit in the adult’s bone and tissue, which lead to a variety of serious diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, high blood pressure and kidney failure. In addition, excessive lead also increases the risk of female emotional disorders, infertility and memory loss.

In order to protect the health and away from lead contamination, Margulies pointed out the following purchase package recommended: at first, try not to buy the red and yellow package. Lead is a stabilizer, which can maintain bright colors and do not fade. Especially for the bright yellow and red packet, this contains more lead. Black and brown is relatively safe, and the lead content is not too high. At second, try to buy leather or canvas bag. Vinyl and polyurethane and other plastic alternative have high levels of lead, but leather or canvas bag have less lead. When you want to purchase, you can go to regular stores or brand outlets.

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