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Children Should Eat the Calcium Sell SilkRoad Online Gold Food


Normal bone or not have a significant impact on babies and adults. If people lack of Sell SilkRoad Online Gold calcium, it may cause hypocalcaemia, short figure, the soft tooth disease (caused by lack of calcium in teeth), rickets (caused by skeletal abnormalities displacement), muscle tonic contraction (causing uncontrolled muscle contraction), osteoporosis (bone caused by hollowing out) and other diseases.

Bones are composed of calcium phosphate and collagen, as well as a small amount of ingredients and other proteins or inorganic salts. Due to bone metabolism is ongoing, no matter the bone matrix or structure has undergone a transformation. In these processes, including bone synthesis and absorption, it should provide sufficient basic material to synthesis of new bone desired. Only if the bone calcium and phosphate combined, they can be stored up. If there is no phosphate, the body cannot use the calcareous well.

Expect for the calcium composition of the crystal, there are many other ingredients, which has the vitality of the organization. They have been decomposed and reconstructed freely. Scientific evidence that bone strength is not just deep on the calcium supplement, you must also include vitamin B6, C, D, folic acid, magnesium, manganese, boron, zinc, and steel and so on. At present, people generally eat a western diet which have high sugar and processed foods, which can easily lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. On the diet, you not only pay attention to the calcium supplement, you should also add micronutrients.

Cola, soft drinks, soda, candy, and other concentrated sugars will reduce or block the absorption of calcium you also need to avoid to intake the higher lead food, so getting rid of bad eating habits is conducive to bone quality maintenance. The expert also remind parents that hormone-containing foods may make the babies who still are under the development, bone closure in advance will short the growing season of the bone, affecting the child's height, and even leading to baby precocious puberty, so babies should avoid the baby to eat foods which may containing hormones such as royal jelly, pollen products, chrysalis and ginseng supplements. For the children, you could not let the children develop the bad habits to have diets.

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