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Catastrophic Hazards Are In the Sell WOW Gold Home

The home is warm and safe haven, while there may be some mortal danger: toxic gas, electric Sell WOW Gold shock, fire, etc., they are easy to pose a threat to the health and safety of the family members.

The gas device may cause carbon monoxide poisoning. According to statistics, 170 people in the United States were killed in sleep due to carbon monoxide poisoning each year. When gas stove, gas stove and gas water heater did not work and burning charcoal in a closed room, it is easy to lead to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. Experts suggest that people should always check the home gas equipment and piping, and ventilation must be maintained in good condition. It is best to install a carbon monoxide alarm.

Mold will cause respiratory diseases. If there is no dust storms and other weather outdoor, and you can always smell the fish in the room, it may indicate that the growth of mildew. Increased mold can cause respiratory problems, even may aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms, especially for children. In some severe cases, mold will also cause anaphylactic shock. Kitchens, bathrooms and basements and other damp places are most likely to breed mold. Ventilation is the best solution. When you clean thoroughly, you may increase moisture to try to extend the window or open time of the ventilation fans.

Harmful paint contains benzene. When people use the paint which contains benzene and other volatile substances, it is easy to lead to serious headaches and respiratory diseases. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency pointed out that a lot of paints are potential carcinogens. When you make the decoration, you should avoid the use of benzene and other volatile organic compounds of paints and coatings. In addition, after using the patient, you should close container. If you do not use them for a long time, you should try you best put them in the balcony or discarded.

Do not use the wet hands to touch electric shock. The safe operation of electrical appliances, wires and plugs did not arouse enough attention. According to statistics, in American families, 1000 people died due to electric shock each year. The experts advise especially for the family of the elderly and children, leakage protection is essential. If there has home electricity problems, it is best to ask for professional electrician. In addition, televisions, radios and other appliances should be kept away from the bathroom. Do not contact appliances with wet hands to prevent electric shock accident.

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