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Cabal Alz players can only be found in chests in The Shroud.

Inferior Shards of Power, The Raw and Manufactured Ingredients are pretty easy to acquire and create, but you see, crafting items in DDO does not rely cabal Gold solely on those types of ingredients.As such, you need to upgrade the ingredients you currently have. When you upgrade ingredients, it means you will have to find new sets of base of ingredients. It gets a little tougher to collect the new set of ingredients because Cabal Alz players can only be found in chests in The Shroud.This means you have to run the raid over and over again if you want to get all the new ingredients. What's more, these ingredients can only used in specific altars. So, before you proceed, you have to know what mix of ingredients work in what type of altar.The Thirteenth Eclipse raid starts in the Shroud, and it has 5 parts. There are 3 altars which are used for crafting. However, you need to finish a part before you can actually gain access to the altars.To start upgrading ingredients, you need to collect the following components.Based on the above ingredients, you will be able to create what is known as Tier Two Ingredients, which are necessary to power up your Green Steel Blanks.


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