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Beverages Cannot Be Regarded As Drinking Sell FFXI GIL Water

Core Tip: thirsty people will drink water if they are thirsty. However, the latest survey Sell FFXI GIL shows that there are more errors in the water areas.

Many people believe that water is more pure as possible. In fact, long-term drinking water also causes the body malnutrition. A large number of drinking water will take away the body of useful trace elements, thereby reducing the body's immune system, which is prone to disease.

Because the body fluids of human body is slightly alkaline, and purified water was acidic. If people drink the acidic water for a long time, body environment will be destroyed. Experts pointed out that long-term drinking water will increase the loss of calcium. For the elderly, especially people those who suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, elderly, children and pregnant women should not drink more.

When people drink the water, they often overlook water nutrition and health functions.

Clean, safe and healthy water is the cheapest and most effective health products. Water can dilute protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, salts and other nutrients in the body, which make body easy to absorb. Because all cell metabolisms cannot leave the water, only you let cells drink enough water, which can promote metabolism and improve their resistance and immunity.

Many young people like to regard the beverages as drinking water. In this regard, experts advise that function of water and beverages cannot be equated. Due to drinks contain sugar and protein, and also add a lot of flavor and color. After drinking, it is not easy let people produce the sense of hunger. If we instead of beverages as drinking water, it not only would not achieve the body to "pay" role, but it also reduces appetite to affect digestion and absorption. Long-term consumption of caffeinated carbonated beverages will lead to excess calories to stimulate increased blood lipids and increase cardiovascular burden. Caffeine is a kind of diuretic, so excessive drinking can cause excessive urination, and appear dehydration phenomenon. In addition, for children, carbonated beverages will destroy the outer layer of the tooth enamel, which is apt to cause dental caries.

Currently on the market, you can see some beverages which are called "electrolysis of water" and "oxygen-rich water" drinking water. Strictly speaking, this water belongs to medical treatment, which cannot regard as a normal population of drinking water.

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