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Autistic Has the Relationship with Sell Flyff Penya Gene

According to World Health Organization statistics, there is an autistic child is born every minutes in Sell Flyff Penya the world, and have tend to increase about 20%. People have paid attention to the problems of the autistic children more and more. 39 users consult us that will autism be genetic? What is the reason for the incidence of autism?

As before, people believe the improper parental indifferent upbringings make the children get the autism. However, the later research completely negates the theory. Autism is not because of the parents’ indifference upbringing or improper upbringings. In recent years, the scientist focused on researching the chromosome, genetic and genetically. They found that autism has the relationship with the exception of the gene or gene expression abnormalities, parents can learn from the scientific knowledge to understand what are genes, gene expression and gene regulation.

At present, researchers showed that the autism has a relationship with the gene. We have found the abnormal gene from body of the child with autism, which means that their genetics is not the same as normal children. Although some children did not find abnormal gene, the gene expression may be a problem. This kind of gene expression has the certain relationship with environment. Some kinds of environments impact gene expression of the child, which let the child gets autism. Thus, at present, majority of the medical community believe that autism is a congenital rather than acquired cause.

Professor Zou replied: "If the elder brother has autism, the chance of the second child with autism is about 5% -10%, which means that the second children have 90% -95% chances to be a normal child. Parents have noticed the problem of autism, this is very important. Parents should pay special attention to the child's behavior from now on. You should happy to be concerned about the child's behavior, cannot be worried about the heavy attention to a very pleasant interact with him, communicate with him and talk to him, tease him play, give him to see things, even if he really has some autistic genetic characteristics, and also because of the very early help of the parents, the children early to get rid of this problem, he may be all right in the future.

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