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All the Action Takes Place in the South on the Sell WOW Gold Bay

Welcome to the "South Bay Day Armageddon".

Let start at May 8.

When you log in "Guild Wars 2", you will receive a lion guarding of the investigators from the Sell WOW Gold Kiel-mail to ask you to track the villain Canas.

All the action takes place in the South on the Bay; critical locations and NPC are marked on the map with a yellow circle, and we use it to indicate the Living World content.

Once you get to the island, you can enter the Canas's lair immediately and enter the copy without any conditions by yourself.

If you want to open a multiplayer version of the real-time events when you completed Canas, this event was significantly more challenging. Both versions with a respective awards and achievements: single version provides a one-time experience, Kaka and gold award; multiplayer version can be repeated reward karma shells and equipment pieces. June 4 will begin in the South Bay, a map at a time within the range. You need to resist the crazy wildlife through the South Bay, the invasion of Japan to protect the residents here.

Four locations ((Point Pride, Kiel's Outpost, Steampipe Steading and Camp Karka) are the parts which are island's trade discord or missing part. If all the sites are controlled by the player, then the Pearl Islet will appear a special mechanism - - to exchange with Kaka shell armor.

After control of the four sites, a crazy queen Kaka will appear in Steampipe Steading outside. Players have 10 minutes to defeat her - this task is not easy!

If you defeat the Queen in time, she would run away and appear in another player-controlled camp with blood body. Players still have 10 minutes to defeat her in a new place.

If you beat the queen, she will drop a chest. There are several opportunities to get role rare equipment, Kaka shells and other rewards! Moreover, this island is also no longer being attacked by her.

If the queen fled, and did not camp under the control of the player, then she'll be safe withdrawal. Players will need to re-occupy four camps to find the Queen's hiding.

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