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Aion adds fuel to the 4.0 fire with announcement of four new instances

If the trickles of information about Sell Aion EU kinah 4.0 are making you crazy with anticipation, you might be pleased to hear that NCsoft has just revealed the four new instances coming in the expansion.
The new dungeons are: Underground Katalam, a labyrinth where owning the fortresses will make travel easier; Lunadium, home of the broken-hearted witch Grendal; and Katalamize, a 12-Daeva instance boasting the strongest boss of all of 4.0. On top of those, the expansion is also bringing yet another new type of siege, just like 3.0 introduced a new one with the Hearts in Tiamaranta. The new fortresses will also have two unique additions to the standard fortress instance: a solo instance and a special version for the controlling legion that offers better rewards than the original. For more details, check out the official announcement.

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