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A unique unity of the universal entity

No one knows exactly when to start the universe is formed. Some theories suggest that a large range of tragic explosion makes this broad into a large galaxy to be included in the infinite into the dark world, and will one day have the perfect variety of life forms. While others believe that the universe is being created in a unique unity of the universal entity. Titan, a large comes from the distant universe, the God of the metal skin to explore this new galaxy, and he started to focus on the encounter of the world. They heap Hill Plot Sea, as the world gives them the initial form. They can breathe the air, the atmosphere for these world cast. But this is only their "change chaos to order," the long-term plan of a small part. They even commissioned a variety of primitive races to help them to maintain the integrity of the world in their respective races.

The beginning of creation, in a genre called the Pantheon of great governance; the Titans have to break through the endless darkness and completed hundreds of millions of transforming the world of chaos. Void connected to numerous worlds, chaos magic is everywhere, life is bent on world energy resources to devour countless evil creatures’ lair. Evil life forms cannot expect the Titans, in order to find the way to end the threat of evil and strive forward.