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A member can be given the following ranks in the game

Castle and Home Ownership: Blood Pledges with pledge houses or castle ownership may not join an alliance. Buy WoW Gold Home or castle ownership must be forfeited before the leading Prince or Princess may join an alliance.

The same house and castle rules that apply to regular pledges also apply to the alliance pledge: if you own a castle, you will not be able to participate in a house auction; consequently, if you own a house, you won't be able to siege.

Powers of the Alliance Prince - The alliance Prince has the ability to set a member's rank, which in turn gives the members specific privileges based on that particular rank. A member can be given the following ranks:

Apprenticeship- members at this level cannot alliance chat or access pledge storage, but can see the alliance chat.

Ordinary- members with this designation can see and use pledge chats, as well as pledge storage. (Members must be given a title by the alliance leader to use pledge storage.)

Guardian Knight- those who are given this rank can use the normal pledge chat via the "@" sign in the chat bar and can also use a higher level alliance chat using the "%" sign. They also have access to pledge storage with or without a title from the alliance leader.